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Alright so siiince I’m bored and I’m getting increasingly excited for the lion king live and I’ve obsessively been planning my outfit and how I wanna look. It’s not really a big deal how I look because it’s just a play buuuut it’s at the paramount which is so opulent and beautiful so why the hell wouldn’t I dress up. 

So I’ve narrowed it down to 5 options (plus the shoes that I plan on wearing unless I buy another pair which idk why I would)  and I thought I’d give you guys the opportunity to give your opinions on something. Because we all know how much tumblr people love their opinions! Myself included. 

#1 (top left) is originally what I had planned to wear. Just a simple, knee length, curve hugging dress. Pretty self explanatory and at 13.99 it’s basically a steal. But this is something I could wear anyday and kind of defeats the purpose of being “super fancy” I do think these would go awesomely with my shoes though like BAM. 

#2 (top right) Is the only dress out of the bunch that I will have the opportunity to try on (because I already have) and that’s why it’s here. FYI it looks way better on me then on the model. Mostly because the nude lining pretty much matches my skintone. I thought this was cute on me. It’s not my absolute favorite of the bunch but the fact that I know it’ll fit is a plus. Priced at 32.95 

#3 (bottom left) is freaking adorable. I like how tall the model looks, which is a plus because I know that asian models are definitely shorter then me. I really like the shape. Basically I love it except 1) I don’t know how well made it is….everything always looks “cheaper” in person and 2) they currently don’t have black in stock. This one is priced at 49.98. But doesn’t this just scream hollywood glam?

#4 (bottom right) is definitely unique. This is from a shop called lebombshop, which i found on ebay but they’re actually based in seattle so that’s cool. The ONLY issue I have with this particular dress is the entire upper portion is unlined so I would have to buy something to wear underneath. which would just cost more. Without the extra piece I would have to buy, this one costs $49.99. I love how vampy this one looks though. 

So now that I’ve run through them all, which one is your favorite?

  1. kimsamermaid answered: THE LAST ONE OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH IT
  2. shore-is-forever answered: i like the bottom right for sure
  3. misanthropicmessiah answered: #1
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